visual poetry

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knackered & in pain got off at wrong wakefield station to hear recording ov blakes jerusalem playing in underpass.  charity shop find ov blake book with words underlined & marginalia have been scanned & recut – along with an island & text from guardian newspaper style guide on reporting mental distresses to make these 4 new visual poems

for elif shafak

words number encircle follow – for elif shafak

early days that stronglystable leader erdogan-turkey, elif shafak wz forced to defend her fictional armenian characters in a court ov law – she got them off.  she says ‘stories cannot demolish frontiers, but they can punch holes in our mental walls. & through those holes, we can get a glimpse ov the other, & sometimes even like what we see.’ – here are some holes courtesy ov elif, enjoy the views!  bridges no walls always


kurt schwitters an inspiration since we first played as a child around the merz wall in the hatton gallery, seventies newcastle – peace before the storm!  ur’s for kurt (schwitters) – film – finalist in 100 years ov dada award, ica, london, 2016.  mad-kurt, crip-kurt kept going via all creativities – ever-expanding universes.  his ‘degenerate art’ forcing him to flee nazis.  we brits then imprisoned this refugee for seventeen month – speeding his fatal heart condition.  ur in his name, in his mighty ur-sonate & ur is the root language.


words as is round wakefield & in chalk & on midnight blackboard down arthouse (home) corridor – combined with local textures