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acheologies | smile on wakefields | wordwildewebs


acheologies.   9’30”.  2017 c.e.

seven year tryin to get into that padded cell – the mental health museum – is that no mad?  been silenced way too long but now were gettin out – this wee performance singin – still beatin, never beaten, still beatin, never beaten, still beatin, never …

smile on wakefields  

smile on wakefields     2017 c.e.   11’48”   

bunch ov filmings taking us from resisting some wakefields signage to various other aspects this bellybutton world crawled outta – via querying why donald-land wouldnt sell us their worldmarble – onto fragments ov a sardana (circular dance) with added visualpoetries before late flowerings in love&rage.  this is addition to nudging meteors – exhibition-performance-broadside arising outov working with arthome (used to be art house), mental health museum & folks ov wakefield / beyond


wordwildewebs.   10’57”.  2017 c.e.

makin spiders-webs as bairn – back in wakefield we try tyin together all kindsa fragments – new patterns – face it : existin narratives broke.  this films warp to acheologies weft.  a considered soundscape outta improvisation in art house (home) studio spring 2017 c.e. is accompanied by improvised filmins – is chaos our inability to see wider patterns?

“I have the privilege of having gobscure as a role model. He teaches me how to see the world differently, authentically and humorously. His work is testament to the power of activism mixed with love and honesty. ”