cannons over broadside

AKA bandwith – we all have a voice. what dya wanna add into the mix?

were with others from north-east mad studies collective as train passes northumberland coast after spendin days with qmu / caps mad studies course & we say somethin like canons over, alls bandwidth now on in. its no jes our madnesses owned / controlled / weighed & found wantin (& now cuts bite even deeper were labelled as self-stigmatisin the better to ‘enable’ us). expected to hand in essay at course end – ours is the throwin potato salads (audio listed later) – & one ov that train later is tryin to work out how to reference our theory from that conversation – flattered – but its no theory, more rant (an honourable tradition) we are takin from what many have been sayin for a long time & amplifyin what many other folk are addin into the mix right now. think it was readin tom leonard (amazin writin/riotsing) long ago who planted seeds that all canon (psychiatry – ‘english’ literature – art / histories
(would that be his story or his tory?) – religions – mediapolitics – law-war-etceteras – was invented to show (sorry, prove) how our sons ov empire were better than their sons ov empire (yeah ‘our’ ‘sons’
’empire’) & ingrain that so their sons, their sons sons, ‘soft-power’ etceteras. sometimes that can(n)ons aimed a little higher, sometimes lower, sometimes with a lovely new lick ov paint or coat arms but its still a canon & can(n)ons take aim & spellins jes another convention. that thing about gatekeepin? mayov been disabled dancer (& way more) claire cunningham sayin somethin like her jobs jammin her crutch in doors as long as possible to let as many other folks thru. canon mayov suited some sons ov empire but closes us down. feminist canon? post-colonial canon? queer canon? disabilities canon? still apin sons-av-empire & boy do they need therapy. one son might get disgraced, one ov the other (vast majority this planet) gets inserted into that pyramid – jes no too high, quickly gets trolled for inadequacies, they dont sell so well etceteras, oh were post all that … sometimes base widens a wee bit before narrowin again. canon occupies the wrong space. everywhere – each category I pigeonhole / box – were bein silenced again. canons over, now on alls bandwidth – capacities constantly bein added, we can all add our voices into this mix. bandwidth not hierarchy is the new model yeah – welcome revolutions generatin more equal approaches – we are all people / peoples, theres plenty ov room,, ynys man is a large island. come in, be welcomed, yr welcome. narratives liberate or control. surrounded, often defined by them we also use them for liberations – we are peoples all. much is beyond control – but in the spirit ov punk /
d.i.y. refuse to be silenced, instead add yr voices into the mix, make yr mark, sing out – its no too late. love&rage always

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